If dandelions are scattered across a lawn, a few steps can be taken to eliminate them. Once a yard is free of weeds, planting new grass seed in bare spots will assist with providing a piece of property with a uniform appearance.


rubber gloves
weed puller
grass seed
seed spreading machine
water hose
sprinkler system
Applying Herbicide And Removing Dandelions

Before applying an herbicide, rubber gloves should be put on. Many herbicides contain harsh chemicals that could irritate skin. While administering an herbicide, it is important to avoid spraying grass blades, plants or shrubs growing nearby. If they accidentally come into contact with an herbicide, they may become damaged or die. Once weed-killing spray has been added to each weed, it may take a day or two for them all to wilt. Wilted weeds can be pulled by hand or by using a weed puller tool.

Planting Grass Seed

A rake that is moved over the areas where dandelions once were will assist with leveling the ground and creating small indentations that will help hold the grass seed in place. Grass seed can be sprinkled evenly across barren parts of a property or added with a seed spreading machine. Once plenty of grass seed has been added, a thin layer of topsoil or mulch that is added to the property will help keep the grass seed protected. A lawn will need to be watered regularly in order for new blades of grass to grow. This can be completed with a water hose or by installing a sprinkler system that is programmed to turn on at specific intervals each day.

Caring For The Grass

After a lawn has a uniform appearance, additional dandelions will not grow as long as lawn maintenance Lakeland is completed on a consistent basis. If weeds are spotted, it is important to eliminate them quickly before the problem becomes worse. Cutting a lawn regularly will prevent weeds from taking over a lawn and will provide a piece of property with a manicured appearance.

Lawn Maintenance Lakeland can also be performed by a landscaping business if a property owner has a busy schedule and cannot find the extra time to care for their lawn in the manner that they wish. A business that provides services that are associated with landscaping Lakeland will be available to assist on a regular schedule or at random times throughout each year. A new landscape installation Lakeland project can also be completed that will provide a lawn with an updated appearance.